• Welcome to the 2013 Regional Summer Institute at the University of Hawaii

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An introductory undergraduate biology class might be the only exposure many students have to the life sciences, or to any of the sciences. It often serves as the best opportunity to interest students in a biomedical research or other life science career.

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the National Academies invite research university faculty to build teaching skills and transform the undergraduate biology classroom at a week-long gathering in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii. This unique Summer Institute on Undergraduate in Biology is designed to model the scientific teaching principles on which it is founded and draws on the expertise of both participants and presenters. Current research, active learning, assessment, and diversity are woven through the week, creating a forum for participants to share ideas and develop innovative instructional materials which they implement when they return to their own campuses.


PULSE (Partnership for Undergraduate Life Sciences Education) INFORMATION:
1. PULSE Community: www.pulsecommunity.org
2. PULSE Online V&C Toolkit: www.clunet.edu/BioDev/PULSE/resources.html

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